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Magnetics Designer is a standalone software that designs all types of layer
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Magnetics Designer is a standalone software program for Windows that designs all types of layer (and sector/split bobbin) wound transformers and inductors, and generates a corresponding SPICE model.
Magnetics Designer produces a complete transformer or inductor design based upon electrical specifications, including a winding sheet report and a SPICE-compatible model with parasitics. A database with thousands of cores, wide variety of materials and wire is included, including a non-linear saturable core SPICE model. In addition, you can add your own cores, wire and material information using a supplied Excel© spreadsheet.
Core vendors such as TDK, Magnetics, Philips, Thomson, Micrometals, Siemens, Kaschke, Ferrite International, VAC and Fair-Rite are represented. Further, formvar, square or double square magnet wire, Litz wire, PCB traces, or foil can be selected. Specialized wire types like those used in planar magnetics can also be added.
The program predicts magnetizing and leakage inductance, inter-winding capacitance, peak flux density, DC winding resistance, high frequency AC resistance (including proximity effects and skin effect), copper loss (both AC and DC), core loss, weight, temperature rise, layer fill and window fill percentage.

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